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  Pilates in Exeter with Fiona Swan  


Welcome to my classes at Powderham Castle, Kenton Park Estate, Alphington, and live-streamed online on Monday and Wednesday mornings.


One to One and Back Care sessions are also available.

If you have any joint or postural issues you would like to manage, or simply want to stretch and strengthen the whole body Pilates is a great way to exercise. The gentle and controlled movements really are effective in improving overall body strength, flexibility, (range of movement around joints), and posture. 


All of my mat-based classes follow the Pilates core principles which encourage precise, flowing, and controlled movements, all performed from a strong and stable center. In all of my classes, each exercise can be layered or adapted to help meet individual requirements. As many Pilates movements mirror those provided by physiotherapists, it's a great way to manage and prevent a wide range of common orthopedic conditions.

So if you're looking to

Improve your core strength and flexibility?

Relieve muscular and joint pain?

Feel better both mentally and physically?


Pilates is a great place to start. 


So please try a class soon and 

Leave feeling both relaxed and invigorated!  


Please see my timetable here  


Why choose me as your instructor? 

In addition to being a Level 3 Mat-based Pilates instructor I also have additional qualifications; Level 4 specialist in 'Exercise for Lower Back Pain', GP Exercise Referral, and Pilates for common orthopedic conditions.


I'm DSB checked and also registered as a Senior Activity & Health Practitioner member of CIMSPA. (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) and keep up to date with new thinking and practice via Continuous Professional Development.    

In classes, I also combine matwork Pilates with small Pilates equipment to help you get the maximum benefit from the exercise.


If you have any questions please do telephone to discuss your requirements. 

Kind regards. Fiona  

Join us soon for a warm welcome!



One to One and Back Care Pilates 


If you're looking for a more personal approach a One to One or small group private session may be ideal. Individual issues or specific group requirements can be met. I have run a session for the Helston Athletic Football Team and was able to show them some alternative core strengthening and stretching exercises for their regular training regime.   


Similarly, if you have been doing Pilates for a while, an occasional One to One can also enable any faults to be corrected & progression to be made. 


I also combine Matwork Pilates with small Pilates equipment to help you get the maximum benefit from the exercise.


One to One online £30 per hour

One to One at home £45 per hour 

Contact Fiona to discuss your requirements. 




"Having done Pilates for years it was great to find someone who was able to focus the exercises to where they are needed most. My back has definitely got stronger and my Pilates technique has improved." Darrel Bilverstone - Honiton. 

"I enjoy my one-to-one classes with Fiona. They are motivating and fun. Fiona is really good at tailoring the class to your personal needs and style, is patient and encouraging. Highly recommended, especially for those lacking in willpower!" Lynn Wethenhall, Exeter.

 "Fiona's online classes are making such a difference to me, I'm able to fit them into my working day and they're  a huge help with my back."  Sarah Rimmington, Exeter.