One to One and Group Classes 

Pilates in Exeter is run by Fiona Swan, Level 3 Pilates Instructor & Level 4 specialist in 'Exercise for Lower Back Pain' and 'Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions. 

.If you're looking to improve your health and well-being, Pilates is a great way to start

Done easily from home, Pilates improves strength, flexibility and posture along with balance and co-ordination skills. As many of the exercises mirror those provided by physiotherapists  it and other health care professionals it's a good way to mange and prevent a wide range of joint issues. 


Pilates is suitable for everyone as exercises can be layered or adapted to meet with your individual requirement. 


To make a start why not sign up for one of my small group beginners sessions. See my timetable to make a start.


Fiona is also qualified in pre or post natal exercise and GP exercise referral. She is fully insured and is a Senior Activity & Health Practitioner member of CIMPSA. Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity.  


If you have any questions please call it will be nice to talk to you in this online world!


Kind regards. Fiona  




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My group Pilates classes are currently run online and are a great way to improve strength, flexibility and posture. My classes are suitable for both beginner to intermediate levels as the exercises are layered or adapted from basic to more challenging, meaning that you can progress and work safely and at your own level. 


Each class follows the Core Principles of Pilates where the movements are done with precision and control, in a flowing manner from a strong and stable centre. Consideration is given to breathing and the mind & body connection.

Classes are between 45 minutes and one hour, and if you have them at home, make use of equipment such as bands, balls, the Pilates ring and foam roller if you have them. Adding equipment enables you to progress and improve strength once you have mastered the basic levels.


Please see my timetable here 

If you would like to book a class go to to book online. I will send the  class link, the health questionnaire and be available discuss any questions you may have.


Hope to meet you soon  


Improve your strength, endurance and bone density with this online class which uses body weight, free weights and resistance bands to develop body strength.

The focus of this class is learning a variety of simple exercises, with good form, so that you can continue to do them safety and effectively at home. (Bottles filled with water or cans may be used if you don't have any weights)

The numerous benefits of strength and endurance training are: 

  • Improved posture

  • Improved bone density

  • stronger tendons and ligaments

  • decreased risk of injury

  • less risk of falls

And of course more aesthetically pleasing muscle tone and increased calorie burn, even at rest!

Suitable for both men and women, the class runs every Thursday 9.10 - 10am Online. 

Please see my timetable here 

If you would like to book a class go to to book online. I will send the  class link, the health questionnaire and be available discuss any questions you may have.

Hope to meet you soon  


If you're looking for a more personal approach or you're completely new to Pilates, my One to One session may be just for you. A personal session is an excellent way to make a start as your individual requirements can be met and you can learn the basics and get into good practice very early on. Similarly if you have been doing Pilates for a while, an occasional one to one can also enable any minor faults to be corrected & more progression to be made, enabling you to get much more out of the activity.  

I also offer personal training programmes. This starts with a fitness and lifestyle assessment of current levels of fitness/wellbeing (your exercise preferences) along with goal setting and ongoing motivation and support.  

One to One sessions costs from £30 per hour. 

"I love my one to one classes with Fiona.

They are motivating and fun. Fiona is really good at tailoring the class to your personal needs and style, is patient and encouraging. Highly recommended, especially for those lacking in willpower!" Lynn Wethenhall, Exeter.

Please contact Fiona to discuss your requirements. 


Hear what others have to say. 

"Having done Pilates for a number of years, it was refreshing to find someone who was able to focus the exercises to where they were needed most. My back has definitely got stronger and my Pilates technique has improved." Darrel Bilverstone - Honiton

"Great online class today. Your instructions were really clear and easy to follow. It's re-asuring to be able to stick to a routine during this time. Thank you."  Miriam Smith, Exminster. 


 "Fiona's Strength and conditioning classes are really helpful, I would definitely recommend  them. She explains all the movements clearly and demonstrates from different angles. I definitely have better core strength and feel trimmer."   Cathy Partington, Exeter 


"The classes are making such a difference to me, they are a huge help with my back."  

Sarah Rimmington, Exeter.


07531 729383

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