Pilates in Exeter is run by Fiona Swan, Level 3 Pilates Instructor & Level 4 specialist in 'Exercise for Lower Back Pain' & Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions. 

Fiona provides Pilates classes, Online Zoom Classes, one to one tuition, Nordic walking & retreats. 

See Fiona's weekly timetable and find out how to get started. 

Book a single class or enjoy unlimited online classes for £22 a month.   

No ongoing sign up required.

"Great online class today. Your instructions were really clear and easy to follow. It's re-asuring to be able to stick to a routine during this time. Thank you."  

Miriam Smith, Exminster. 

"That was a brilliant class Fiona. I really enjoyed it. The classes are making such a difference to me, they are a huge help with my back."  

Sarah Rimmington, Exeter.

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Pilates is a great way to improve strength, flexibility and posture. My classes are suitable for everyone as the exercises are layered from basic to more difficult, this means you can work safely and at your own level. Each class follows the core principles of Pilates where the movements are done with precision and control, from a strong and stable centre. Consideration is given to breathing and the mind & body connection. 

Practiced regularly Pilates is a great way to improve overall body strength, flexibility and posture. Plus if you have any lower back or joint issues, it's an effective way to manage them, as many of the actions mirror those provided by physiotherapists and other health professionals. 

See timetable here If you would like to book a class go to to book online. I will send the  class link, the health questionnaire and be available discuss any questions you may have. Hope to meet you soon.  


Improve your wellbeing in particular your strength, endurance and bone density with this online class which uses body weight, free weights and resistance bands to develop overall body strength. As a Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer who trained extensively at Exeter College, I can teach you a variety of gym exercises, combined with Pilates (along with appropriate stretches) to help improve your strength and posture. 

Learn the correct technique and enjoy being part of a motivational class. 

See timetable here If you would like to book a class go to to book online. I will send the  class link, the health questionnaire and be available discuss any questions you may have. Hope to meet you soon.  


If you are looking for a more personal approach or new to Pilates my One to One session may be just for you. A bespoke session is an excellent way to make a start so that you can learn the basics and get into good habits very early on. Similarly if you have been doing Pilates for a while, an occasional one to one can also enable any minor faults to be corrected & more progression to be made, enabling you to get much more out of the activity.  

I also offer personal training programmes. This starts with a fitness and lifestyle assessment of current levels of fitness/wellbeing (your exercise preferences) along with goal setting and ongoing motivation and support.  

One to One sessions cost from £30 per hour. Please contact Fiona to discuss your requirements. 


Customer Quotes 

"I love my one to one classes with Fiona. They are motivating and fun. Fiona is really good at tailoring the class to your personal needs and style, is patient and encouraging. Highly recommended, especially for those lacking in willpower!" Lynn Wethenhall, Exeter.

“Thank you for all the Pilates classes, I am really enjoying them and they have helped keep me sane over the last few months.  I feel stronger and my balance and mobility are improving, along with my general feeling of well being. I am definitely benefitting from the increased use of weights in classes – they make me work harder!" Ann Roker, Exeter. 

"Fiona’s classes are great, I would definitely recommend  them. The Zoom sessions fit in really well when you are working full time. She explains all the movements clearly and demonstrates from different angles so that you are doing everything properly to get full benefits.  I definitely have better core strength and feel trimmer.  I also do Fiona's Strength and Resistance class and as a woman in my 50s this is really beneficial to maintain bone density and good muscle tone."   Cathy Partington, Exeter.


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